BI Market: OLAP (Vendors and Products) – 2011

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On-line analytical processing (OLAP)┬ásolutions provide advanced techniques for rapidly visualizing and analyzing business metrics across different points of view. OLAP is a term used to generically refer to software and applications that provide users with the ability to store and access data in OLAP cubes (also called a ‘multidimensional cube’ or a hypercube) with this “cube” being made up of numeric facts, called measures, and text values, called dimensions.

Moreover, OLAP systems provide users with insight into past performance and they enable a deep understanding of the reasons behind why previous events have occurred. Fundamentally, OLAP systems allow users to rapidly view and analyze data from many perspectives or dimensions and allows the users to conduct sophisticated “What-If” analysis.

In 2011, the market leading vendors for OLAP systems include: SAP Business Objects, Oracle, IBM Cognos, MicroStrategy, Microsoft, SAS, Pentaho, & Jaspersoft.

BI Vendor Products - OLAP (2011)




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  1. Reply Janet Bowersox says:

    I am shopping for an analytic product, I have some questions I would like answered please.
    How widely is the product used? Is this product only used in healthcare or is it used in other industries as well? How many facilities are using the product? What types of facilities are using this product? i.e. hospitals physician offices, outpatient inpatient nursing facilities, etc? Where is the product used most? i.e. geographic region, overseas, etc? What is the customer satisfaction rating? How long is the implementation process? What needs to be in place in order for a facility to utilize the product? i.e. computer systems, hardware, software, etc. This information will be very beneficial in determining our best option. Thank you

    My Best

  2. Reply bi user says:

    Well its not only in health analytics olap cubes are used. I have worked for some years in the position of BI and it quite clear that it stands out quite well infront of many new technologies like qlickview or tableau. Olap cubes are robust for aggregating data whereas other tools are good at visualization. OLAP cubes are simpler to make and yet they have big potential in business. Only drawback is that there are only proprietory softwares catering the need although there are many open source alternatives, they fail in being robust and reliable(although plausible to certain extent and might kill your back once you go to the production). BUT BE sure it has wide range of application, from gaming to marketing to churn analysis

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