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Sample Charter for a BI Center of Excellence (BI COE)

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Sample BI Center of Excellence (BI COE)

Sample BI Center of Excellence (BI COE)

In order to ensure a predictable and repeatable usage of Business Intelligence (BI) services across organization X, and to maximize the value of licensing cost, organization X’s information technology department has adopted the formation of a Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (BI COE). This BI COE performs at an enterprise level and serves as a cross-functional team with a permanent, formal organization structure. The team includes defined tasks, roles, responsibilities and processes for supporting and promoting the effective use of business intelligence across the organization.

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In addition, organization X has chosen to standardize on an organization-wide reporting and decision support platform from SAP Business Objects to provide analysts and decision-makers across the enterprise with easy and flexible access to critical data. While Business Objects is being made available to the users through-out the enterprise, there is a need to establish and uphold best practices, guidelines, policies, standards and training to ensure the usability, sustainability and maintainability of the environment.

Fundamentally, the BI COE at organization X has three major responsibilities:

1. Application/security administration of Business Objects environment
2. Management and support of Business Objects application infrastructure
• Web Intelligence
• InfoView
• Crystal Reports
• Xcelsius Dashboards
3. Oversight, development, and implementation of enterprise business intelligence projects

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Definition of Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (BI COE)

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BI Center of Excellence (BI COE)

BI Center of Excellence (BI COE)

Business Intelligence Centers of Excellence (BI COE) enable the design, development, and implementation of strategic, enterprise, department, and tactical Business Intelligence solutions from one centrally managed team within a corporation or organization. In practice, the BI COE allows for a single or set of business intelligence products to become an enterprise standard, and the BI COE group becomes the primary team for conducting implementations, management, and support of BI solutions across an organization. Read more »

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