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Useful Websites

This page includes a listing of relevant and interesting web sites to business intelligence / data warehousing professionals.  It also includes a number links to other useful websites that are outside of BI and DW space.


Washington DC Business Objects User Group

•  Washington DC Business Objects User Group (WDCBOUG)
•  Washington DC Objects User Group Past Presentations



Useful Websites – Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing

•  inode ink Corporation (INODE) – Big Data / Analytics Services Provider
•  Tiber Solutions – BI / DW Professional Services Provider
•  GloWiz, Inc – IT Staffing, Consulting, On-Demand Solution Provider
•  Spider Strategies – Web-Based Dashboard Software and Balanced Scorecard Software
•  Oracle BI by Bakboord – Blog on Oracle Business Intelligence by Daan Baakboord
•  Nick’s BI Blog – Blog on Oracle Business Intelligence by Nick Roppolo
•  JS BI Blog – Blog on Business Intelligence by Jeff Shauer
•  BI-DW Info – Independent Business Intelligence and Data warehousing directory
•  Infosys-Oracle Blog – Infosys’ blog on global implementations in Oracle
•  BIK Information Services, Inc. – Business intelligence information services by Boris Knizhnik


Useful Websites – Non BI / DW

•  Eruptr – Search Advertising Optimization
•  Azulio – Your Source for Every Day Overstocks
•  KarensFineHomes – Find Your Next Home
•  GSFS LLC – Global Structured Finance Services LLC
•  Adam Firestone – The Intelligent Triad




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