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Data Warehouse Appliance - Complimentary Vendor
A completely unique data warehouse appliance is provided by Datatupia.  Rather than providing a solution that provides an organization a complete data warehouse solution, Datatupia’s solution compliments existing data warehouse deployments within an organization.

Dataupia’s flagship product, Satori Server

Datatupia is a data warehouse appliance in the sense that it combines software and hardware components on a rack-mounted server hardware.  Additionally, Satori Server includes an embedded copy of the Linux operating system, a custom database engine, an aggregation engine, built-in storage, and parallel processors.  But in contrast to full data warehouse appliances that are purpose-built for data warehousing, Satori Server interoperates with existing database management systems rather than requiring their replacement.

The main feature of Satori Server that makes it unique amongst all data warehouse appliances is “omniversal transparency“.  This feature shields applications and users from changes to the underlying technology and database platform by complementing Oracle, MS SQL Server, or DB2 databases and their dependent applications. Unlike other solutions that displace existing technologies, the Satori Server’s innovative design extends and enhances an existing information eco-system.  Further, Datatupia’s Satori Server is usually added to an existing data warehouse infrastructure by augmenting an organization’s existing data management systems as a query accelerator or capacity extender.



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