Dimensional Modeling – Conformed Dimensions

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Conformed DimensionsIn dimensional modeling, conformed dimensions are common and repeatedly used dimensions that relate and are joined to multiple facts. The conformed dimension is consistent across an enterprise and has the same meaning to every fact with which it relates. Typically, a conformed dimension exists as a single dimension table and relates to multiple fact tables within the same data warehouse. But the conformed dimension can also exist as identical dimension tables in separate data marts. In a nutshell, conformed dimensions allow facts and measures to be categorized and described in the same way across dimensional stars and/or data marts, ensuring consistent reporting across an enterprise.

Properties of Conformed Dimensions:
•  Dimensions that are joined to multiple fact tables
•  Exist in multiple star schemas and/or data marts
•  Same meaning with every fact table join
•  Allow various fact tables to be used in the same query
•  Same structure and attributes in every model
Common Conformed Dimensions:
•  Customer
•  Product
•  Date/Time
•  Employee
•  Account
•  Region or Territory
•  Vendor



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